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The magazine provides you with a wide variety of diagrams (at all different levels) of new origami designs to fold, and you will also read reports of origami events world-wide, and articles by leading origami creators, historians, and Thinkers of Deep Thoughts.

Photographs of origami models, personalities, and events appear, as well as reviews of new origami books and announcements of future BOS meetings and conventions. In short, the magazine is intended to keep you up to date with what’s going on in the origami world, and to make you want to pick up the paper and fold!

We are always looking for: book reviews, reports of conventions or mini-meetings, academic or historical articles, diagrams, photos, news, cartoons etc. These can be in almost any format, but perhaps easiest in plain text, pd for word, with separate images, in as high a resolution as possible. if you’ve got anything you think might be worth including, please contact the editor.


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Rabbit by Stephen O'Hanlon