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Our library and archive is, we believe, one of the world’s largest collections of Origami resources, containing well over 4000 books, plus a similar quantity of magazines, journals, convention packs and catalogues. Also included are videos, articles, thousands of origami diagrams and instructions, correspondence, historic documents and much more.

Until 2016, the collection existed as several collections split across the UK. These have now been consolidated into one archived collection, currently located in Colchester, which is undergoing a significant sorting and archival process.

The library is maintained using a database and it is planned for a catalogue giving details of all items available for loan or reference to be available for members’ use.

Members of the society may borrow books from the library at conventions, and at some mini-meetings. If you have a specific request for a book we are able to look to see if we have it in our collection and possibly bring it to conventions, please email the Librarian. The library is not currently open for lending via post.

During the sorting process, surplus of books will be sold or auctioned, and others will be donated to libraries, schools and other groups. If you know of any libraries or schools etc which could benefit from these books please contact the Librarian.

Visits to the Library itself can be arranged so you can view the rarer items, but you must do this well in advance. New diagrams are always welcomed for the collection – hard copy or digital.

As a first-time borrower, you are asked to sign a form, confirming that you understand copyright issues, and will not use the items you borrow for anything other than personal and non-profit use. 

Volunteers wanted! The BOS is looking for volunteers to help with the library sorting process, for those who can help we should be able to cover expenses. You do not need to have any experience or prior knowledge and all help is welcome. Please contact the librarian to let us know if you can help.

BOS Library

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