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iris mc folderIn the early days of the BOS, a card folder was given to attendees, including a few diagrams from the weekend. Later, these loose collections were bound into what were known as “Convention Packs”, later renamed “Model Collections”. They represent what is cutting edge origami at the time of publication and as such are a valuable document of how creative folding developed over the decades. They represent superb folding entertainment, containing many unpublished models not to be found in commercial origami books.

We’re always looking for new designs to publish and if your model is used, you will receive a free copy of the Model Collection. Please contact us if you have anything to offer for the next collection (we go to print a month before the Spring and Autumn convention dates). Ideally, send your diagrams in pdf format, in as high a quality/resolution as possible. We must have explicit permission from both the creator and the diagrammer of a model before we can use it. The creator will choose to receive either a PDF or a printed copy of the collection.

We cannot guarantee to use everything that is sent, but all unused models will be passed on to the magazine editor for consideration. You are welcome to submit complex designs, although we can only include a limited number of these for reasons of available space.

Many are still available in printed form in on Amazon. With our supplies site closed, electronic copies are not currently available.

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