British Conventions

Meeting other folders is a great experience, and one of the best places to do it is at a convention. The British Origami Society organises a 2 or 3 day residential weekend, usually at a University venue, during the Spring and Summer vacations.

These conventions are heaven for folders everywhere! New members are made especially welcome, as are children and “non-folding” partners.

Whatever your interest in origami, there will be someone at the convention who shares your views and you will soon bump into them. Equally importantly, you will find that your enthusiasm for origami will increase, your folding skills will improve, and your knowledge of origami will have multiplied many times after coming to a convention.

Here is a list of our previous conventions.

Check out our events page for the next scheduled convention. Here is some information about previous conventions

Mini Meetings

Inevitably, the folding appetites of many people are not satisfied entirely by two conventions a year. The British Origami Society organises local meetings, called “mini-meetings”, usually once a month. These meetings are mostly informal with about a dozen people attending on average, and are generally speaking open to members of the society.

Folds are taught, stories exchanged and a good time is had by all. Or bring along any new (or old!) books you have found, any folds you are struggling with, any origami memorabilia and show them to other local members.

During recent times there has also been a rise in virtual meetings, which are open to anyone. Check out our events page for any upcoming public meetings

A BOS mini-meeting

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