Rest In Peace

Gone, but not forgotten. This page commemorates members of the BOS and the wider origami community who have sadly passed on. It is not meant as a complete record of everyone historically involved in origami – unfortunately that would be impossible to maintain! It is however possibly a starting point for more information about some of the lovely people involved in origami over the years.

Click on a photo to see more information on each person – including their contribution to origami, personal tributes and links to other pages. People are listed in order of first name. We are updating and adding information to these pages all the time, so apologies if some may have only brief information about them currently. If you have a personal tribute, a photo or wish to add something to any of the tribute pages, or if you wish to add a new person to this page please contact or the BOS Web Officer at 

kusudama flower strip

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Rabbit by Stephen O'Hanlon