Tony O’Hare: Selected Works 1973:1982
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Level: all levels
This is a reprint of the original booklet which rapidly sold out! Tony’s designs are noted both for their choice of subject and unique folding methods. This booklet was written by the late Dan Mason whose excellent hand-drawn diagrams make folding straightforward. Contents include a Welsh dragon and the first ever origami nude. Creators will find lots of new approaches and ideas to adapt in their own work.
Welsh Dragon / Hen / Beaver / Caterpillar / Frog / Scarecrow / Tyrannosaurus Rex / Brontosaurus / Nude / Robin / Winnie the Pooh / Conductor / Peacock / Crocodile / Seal on a Rock / Swan / Landing Falcon / 8 Point Star / Fish Tesselation / Jigsaw Piece

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Tony O’Hare: Selected Works 1973:1982

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