The Origami of Stephen Palmer
Status: Unavailable
Level: simple/intermediate
This booklet has been compiled from the late Stephen Palmer’s own drawings and contains a wide variety of designs. There are two butterflies a pig a puppy and a face representing living things. Also there are some inanimate objects like a telephone a space shuttle and a winged helmet. There are two modular designs one for a 4-pointed decoration and one for making LCD-style digits. 19 models simple/intermediate.
Butterfly / Clip-on Heart / Digits / Envelope / 3D Fish / Flapping Butterfly / Granddad / Message Cracker / Porky Pig / Puppy / Roller Floater / Santa / Simple Flapping Bird / Simple Space Shuttle / Telephone / Turtle / What's up Doc / Winged Helmet / Wrap around Decoration

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The Origami of Stephen Palmer

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