Pureland Origami 2
Status: Unavailable
Level: simple/intermediate
Book 2 of 4. Smith devised the concept of "pureland", where the model should make use of valley and mountain folds only. No sinks, reverses etc were permitted. This suposed "limitation" encouraged the creator to find new and ingenious solutions to create new designs that were especially suitable for children. More designs in the pureland vein developing and exploring the work of his earlier booklet (BO14). Designs include birds boxes envelopes animals and decorations. Lots and lots of decorative and practical models for you to try out and new ideas for folding sequences that can easily be taught. Due to the simple nature of most designs here they are ideal for teaching to schoolchildren. 35 models simple/intermediate.
Partition / Very Simple House / Church 1 / Humming Bird / Pecking Bird / Helmet / Duck / Simple Swan / Swan variations / Envelope / Tree / Tree variations / Dancing Bear / Flying Eagle / Church 2 / Newspaper Box / Borrowed Box / Box 2 with Lid / Nodding Dog / Church 3 / Butterfly / Bird / Wrap around Bird / Locked Envelope / Triangular module / Decoration / Hats / Tree (triangular) / Flower and Leaf / Mat Decoration / Grandmas / Angel / Merry-go-round / Hunting Dog / Goose

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Pureland Origami 2

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