Planar Modulars
Status: Available
Level: Intermediate
An attractive collection of planar modular model instructions from simple to complex. The distinctive naming used for all the planar modular pieces is based on geometric principles with the number of letters of the alphabet used denoting the number of planes in a model. An XYZ model therfore has 3 planes, and a WXYZ model has 4 planes. 42 modular origami designs by Ed Sullivan, Tung Ken Lam, Francis Ow, Mick Guy, David Petty, Nick Robinson, Daniel Kwan, Robert Lang, Ian Harrison, Mark Leonard, Satoshi Kamiya, Ushio Ikegima, Jeannine Mosley and Meenkishi Mukhopadhyay.
XYZ / Omega Star / Octohedral Cross / Blintz Icosidodecahedron / WXYZ / VWXYZ / Tornado / UVWXYZ / TUVWXYZ / QRSTUVWXYZ / 3D solids

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Planar Modulars

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