Origami Spring and Summer Decorations
Status: Available
Level: Intermediate
A beautiful collection of original origami designs by designer Loes Schakel. Many of the origami decorations in this book are 2D stars, rossettes and wreaths made from smaller modular units. The Kusadama designs towards the end of the book combine flat units to make 3D decorations.
Rosette / Square-rotor / Rotor variation / Octa Star-2 grijs / Wreath for peace-1 / Wreath for peace-2 / Wreath for peace-3 / Octar stra-4 / Medallion / Spring wreath / Rotary coaster / Rotary cross / Left around coaster / Hepta star / Envelope / Windmill / Sixteen pointed star / Varitation sixteen pointed star / Octa star 5 / Flower and Disch / Double Flower / Decorette / Octa star-6 / Cristal Wreath / Kusudama 1 /Kusudama 2 / Coaster Rosette / sixteen ponted candelholder / Hex coaster / Star with variation / Star / Star A1 / Star A21

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Origami Spring and Summer Decorations

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