Origami Models Folded from Silver Rectangles
Status: Unavailable
Level: simple/intermediate
Book 2 of 3. The second booklet contains models that can be folded from a silver rectangle. The models include six birds and six animals three insects and some animal heads. The author introduces his ‘animal’ base which is used throughout the second part of the book to make birds a human figure and a cow’s head as well as a couple of animals. 28 models intermediate.
Upright Chair / Fish / Duck in Flight / Sparrow / Crow / Boxer / Doll / Whale / Horse / Emu / Mounted Heads / Hang Glider / Animal Base / Pheasant / Parrot / Daschund / Red Setter / Koala / Elephant / Asian Rhino / Human Figure / Cow head / lizard / Turtle / Platypus / Butterfly

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Origami Models Folded from Silver Rectangles

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Rabbit by Stephen O'Hanlon