Origami Models Folded from Rectangles
Status: Unavailable
Level: simple/intermediate
Book 1 of 3. The first booklet of three contains a number of models that can be folded from any size of rectangle. Most of the models are of inanimate objects, for example, a chair, a table and a bed. Also featured are a couple of boxes, a motor boat, a covered wagon and a wheel barrow. Living things are represented by a peacock, a crocodile and a man reading a newspaper. 14 models intermediate.
Table / Chair / Sanbow / Bed / Notebook – cover+8 pages / Notebook – cover+4 pages / Dais / Box with lid / Box with compartments / Motorboat / Peacock / Crocodile / Wagon – covered / Newspaper reader / Wheelbarrow

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Origami Models Folded from Rectangles

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