Origami Christmas Stars and Decorations II
Status: Available
Level: Intermediate
Book 2 of 2. A second collection of geometric origami designs for your folding pleasure. Features stars, wreaths, Santa figure and coasters.
G. Coaster D Var. D4, D5, D6 / G. Coaster D Var. D7 / Garden Coaster E / G. Coaster E Var. E1, E2, E3 / G. Coaster E Var. E4, E5 / Garden Coaster F / G. Coaster F Var. F1, F2, F3 / Garden Coaster G / G. Coaster G Var. G1, G2 / G. Coaster G Var. G3, G4 / G. Coaster G5 with Var. G5-A en G-5B / Hexagonal Star with Candlestick / Hexagonal Candlestick / Candlestick with Star / Candlestick with Star / Wreath A with variation A-I / Wreath B with variation B-I / Wreath C / Octa Star 1 / Coloured Wings / Santa Claus & Xmas Tree / Anna's Star / David Star / Christmas Wreath with Var I + Var II / Zigzag Wreath / Zigzag Wreath variation / Flower Ring / Millennium Star with variation / Dish 19-12-1999 / Octa Wreath A / Octa Wreath B / Octa Wreath C / Rotor 1 / Rotor II / Flower-I / Flower-II

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Origami Christmas Stars and Decorations II

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