Origami Cartoons
Status: Available
Level: Intermediate
A booklet presenting the fun side of folding, compiled by Paul Hanson. This will not be published electronically.
Oriman By Mick Guy and Various / Origags by Roberto Morassi / Fake Views by Mick Guy and Paul Hanson / Oritoons by Rikki Donachie / Creasey and The Paperboy by Mark Bolitho and Paul Hanson / Fun folds by Nick Robinson (Listed after) / Bear Climbing A Tree / Cat In Box / Beginners Chessboard / Fork Handle / Giraffe Walking Past A Window / Jaws / Mouse Behind Cheese / Mouse Behind Wall / Mystery Object / Mystery Solution / Nose / Nyah Nyah / Sharks Fin Beer / Ship Too Late / Snails In Love / Blowing In The Wind /Trump Wall Simple / Trump Wall

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Origami Cartoons

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Rabbit by Stephen O'Hanlon