Neal Elias: Miscellaneous Folds I
Status: Unavailable
Level: intermediate/complex
Book 1 of 2. The first of two volumes devoted to the Father of American origami. Drawn from Neals own notepads and reproduced in their original format , they represent a unique insight into the creative work of an origami master. Since they were nver intended for publication, the diagrams offer minimal instructions with no real method, but all necessary information is provided and they can be folded! The range of techniques on offer is immense, covering far more than Elias’ box-pleating, although that is represented here. A guide to interpreting and folding the models is presented by the author, a long time friend and afficianado of Elias.
Rhoads Base / Baboon / Scottie / George Washington / Cerceda's Bear Base / Tiger / Aunt Jemima / The British are Coming! / Santa / Angel / Sleeping it Off / Sleeping it Off 2 / Elephant / Buddha / Mary and Child 2 / Grand Piano / Beethoven Plays Beethoven / Beethoven Plays Beethoven 2 / Upright Piano / Love Seat / Rodins Thinker 2 / Horse / Dromedary / Magi / Giraffe / Elephant Revised / Bear / Lion / Lady Godiva / Alligator / Bird Man (Babylonian Mythology) / J. C. Superstar / Mare and Colt / Horse 3 / Horse

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Neal Elias: Miscellaneous Folds I

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