Neal Elias: Faces and Busts
Status: Out of print
Level: intermediate/complex
Elias is one of America's foundgin origami fathers. His work pushed the boundaries of what was possible during the 1960s and many remain a challenge to fold even now. Here is a collection of faces and busts, compiled by Elias ' friend and authority on his works, Dave Venables
Indian Bust / Indian 2 / Satan 2 / Washington / Nero / D'Artagnan / High Priest / Shylock / Gloucester Fisherman / Caliph of Baghdad / Beethoven / Dr Albert Schweitzer / And a Good Judge Too / Construction of Nose for Busts / Son of Man / Dr Zhivago / Muad'Dib / Sir Walter / Bard of Avon / Shakespeare 2 / Prophet / Lord Mora of Islandi / St. Francis of Assisi / Napoleon / Shakespeare 3 / Genghis Khan / Mad Hatter / Paul Bunyan / Robin Hood / Sam Spade / King Arthur / Lord High Executioner / Foreigh Legionnaire / Stocking Cap / Hillbilly Woman / Conquistador / Abraham Lincoln / Comedy and Tragedy

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Neal Elias: Faces and Busts

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