More Origami Models Folded from Silver Rectangles
Status: Unavailable
Level: simple/intermediate
Book 3 of 3. The third booklet contains a further selection of models that can be folded from a silver rectangle. The booklet includes four further bases – a triangle base two square bases and an octagon base. The triangle base is used for four models including a frog and a coronet. The square bases are used for a flower a beetle a giraffe an octopus and a star and the octagon base for a star and a crown.
Animal Base / Boat / Triangle + 2 point base / Four Petal flower / Girl in Miniskirt / Frog / Coronet / Square + 4 point base / 6 Petal Flower / Beetle / Giraffe / Octopus / Eight Pointed Star A / Square + 8 point base / Spider / Octagon Base / Crown / Eight Pointed Star B / Dentist / Rock 'n' Roll / Tractor / Grub

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More Origami Models Folded from Silver Rectangles

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Rabbit by Stephen O'Hanlon