Max Hulme: A Second Selection
Status: Out of print
Level: Intermediate
More designs by the late, great Max Hulme.
Gorilla / Skunk / Scorpion / Staunton Chess Set:Pawn / Staunton Chess Set:Bishop / Staunton Chess Set:Knight / Staunton Chess Set:King / Staunton Chess Set:Queen / Staunton Chess Set:King 2 / Staunton Chess Set:Queen 2 / Chess Box / Polar Bear / Angel / Grand Slam / Glass / Hexagonal Box / Hexagonal Lid / Owl and Pussycat: Owl / Owl and Pussycat: Pussycat / Owl and Pussycat: Boat / Owl and Pussycat: Sail / Owl and Pussycat: Mast / Owl and Pussycat: Fish / Owl and Pussycat: Sea / Phoenix / Piggy Banknote / Potted Plant: Pot / Potted Plant: Bloom / Potted Plant: Stem / Potted Plant: Leaves / Rat / Rocket Carriage / Bugatti Driver / Chess with a twist: Rook / Chess with a twist: King / Chess with a twist: Pawn / Chess with a twist: Queen / Chess with a twist: Bishop / Chess with a twist: Knight

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Max Hulme: A Second Selection

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