Larry Hart: Selected Works
Status: Available
Level: simple/intermediate
About half the models described in this booklet are geometrical including some cubes and pyramids and a one-piece skeletal octahedron. Included also are a letter fold a couple of versions of ‘planes three dollar bill folds (jewel flower and octahedron) and two versions of a flapping bird. 30 models simple/intermediate.
Paper Ball / Kneeling Mandarin / Piranha / Snap Hexahedron / Half Hexahedron / Irregular Pyramid / Rolling Box to Cube / Roll over Cube / Collapsing Box / Cube with Lid / Resting Cat / One Piece 4D Box / Sea Shell / Snail / Box Glider / Delta Glider / Flapping Flying Bird / Simple Flapping Bird / Skeletal Octahedron 1 / Skeletal Octahedron 2 / A4 Photo frame / Jewel / Flower / Sunken Octahedron / L. T. Letterfold / L-Plate / Tube Cube / Hart’s Heart / 3D Stand / Noise Maker

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Larry Hart: Selected Works

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