Envelope and Letter Folds
Status: Out of print
Level: simple/intermediate
This book was originally illustrated and compiled by John Cunliffe in 1988 as a comprehensive index of the various methods of folding an envelope or letterfold by hand from a sheet of paper. We have retained John’s wonderful hand-drawn diagrams but have added some colour and attributed the designers, where possible, for each model. In this edition, we have also included more information on the history of envelopes and letterfolds from Edwin Corrie, . We hope you will enjoy this new edition of BOS25 Origami Envelopes and Letterfolds. There are simple models for the beginner and more complex models for the more experienced folder. Envelopes and letterfolds are ideal for sending messages and gifts, or for storing small items such as stamps, seeds or needle and thread. Many of the models in this book will close securely and some models even have a ‘locking’ mechanism. However, a small number of models may require the addition of a dab of glue or a sticker/stamp – although I must point out that this is technically against the accepted ’rules’ of origami, as is the use of scissors!
Traditional Square Letterfold / Puzzle Purse / Basic letterfold / NB Letterfold / Square Letterfold / Two-by-one Letterfold / Fern Letterfold / W Letterfold / K Letterfold / M Letterfold / Florentine Letterfold / LT Letterfold / Box-Lock Letterfold / Two-Point Letterfold / Oblique Letterfold / Disc Envelope / Lozenge Envelope / Purse Envelope / Gusset Envelope / Anchor Envelope / Wallet Envelope / Sack envelope / Magic Wallet / DS Envelope / Bar Envelope / Box-Pleated Envelope / Crane Envelope / V Envelope / Frog Envelope / Preliminary Envelope / Hawk Envelope / Harlequin Envelope / Single-Lock Envelope / Double-Lock Envelope / J Envelope / Kenton Envelope / Lined envelope with pocket / Trap envelope / Valentine Letterfold / Valentine Envelope / T-flap envelope / Z Letterfold

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Envelope and Letter Folds

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