Eighteen of My Paper folds
Status: Available
Level: simple/intermediate
Paul Jackson is a trained artist who has always followed his own clear vision of what origami is and should be. Never afraid to be critical he has proved a stimulating member of the origami fraternity. This collection of his work from the late 70’s is typical of his early style. The “barking dog” presented here has proved to be a classic published in many books. Other highlights include a flapping bird a snapping crocodile and a simple elegant chip bag. Whilst Paul has moved into more abstract areas this booklet amply demonstrates the clean lines of his more traditional work.
Chip bag / 2D valentine / 3D valentine / Cow - sleeping / Hat / Fish-1 / Fish-2 / Horse / Cart / Cross / Pig / Flapping bird -1 / Plapping bird -2 / Crocodile - snapping / Dog - barking / Dog - barking / Frog on a leaf / Woman in a chair

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Eighteen of My Paper folds

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