Sébastien Curvers
? - November 2006

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Sebastian Curvers

Seb took his life in 2006. It was not widely known that he suffered from a degenerative illness.

Nicolas Terry said; “Seb was a key person in my life of origami. He offered essential help with the creation of my website. He was also the proof-reader of my diagrams. I met him in 2004 and discovered a folder who was really sympathetic, friendly, attentive and intelligent. I hope that his site will remain online a long time. His creations deserve to live. I hope that his rat-dragon and tortoise world will remain in our spirits.”

His website was still available at this address and a google search will show the passion he had for paper-folding and his novel choice of subjects, such as the “World Turtle” from the Pratchett Discworld novels.

I also met him at the Rencontres de Mai in 2004 and was impressed by this studious, quiet, intelligent folder. We discussed his adaptation of Joisel’s Rat into a dragon and many other things.

Nick Robinson

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