Ruth Evans
? - January 2012

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Ruth Evans

Ruth Evans had a severe chest infection and passed away early in January 2012. Ruth was an active member of the Manchester mini meeting group, and attended conventions in England and in France and Italy.

David Tittle

Ruth was a BOS member for over 15 years and a regular attendee at Hazel Grove and Sheffield mini-meetings. Despite struggling with even the simplest origami model, she persevered and our meetings wouldn't have been the same without her. I was at an Italian convention that she attended and she often travelled a long way to enjoy her folding.

Nick Robinson

Ruth was always enthusiastic about her folding and loved joining in. She was also willing to try more challenging folds despite her eyesight giving her more than a few problems. Beyond that, and maybe to the surprise of some, she was not afraid of travelling abroad to pursue her Origami. I recall my surprise at meeting her at an MFPP convention in La Rochelle, but never did find out whether part of the attraction was just the presence of our friend Halle. Ruth always did have a soft spot for him! Rest In Peace.

Mark Robinson

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