Larry Hart
21/10/1956 - 20/1/2021

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Larry Hart

Larry Hart was a BOS member continuously since 1969 - he joined when he was 13 years old - until his passing in January 2021. He was a recipient of the Sidney French Medal for services to origami; former editor of British Origami magazine from 2007-2011 (issues 242-265); his BOS Booklet No. 42 "Larry Hart Selected Works 71-91" includes some classic models including the "Snap Hexahedron", "Hart's Heart" and A4 Photo Frame.

A full obituary and tributes appear in British Origami Magazine issue #327 - April 2021, which is available for free download for BOS members from the BOS website.

A further tribute to Larry may be found on Nick Robinson's origami website

His favourite phrase, according to his wife Judy was "Plico ergo sum - I fold, therefore I am"

Larry Hart Snap Hexahedron
Harts Heart

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