Humiaki Huzita

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Humi Huzita

"Humi’s memorial will be his contributions to the convention at Padua in 1987, his organisation of the Meeting at Ferrara in 1989 and his production of the Proceedings of that Meeting. He will be remembered for his single-handed editing and publishing of the Proceedings of the Ferrara meeting. But above all, he will be remembered for just being Humi."

David Lister.

(Extract from a full obituary and recollections published as a "Lister List" article April2005. Read the full article here.)

  • A shorter obituary by David Lister may be found in British Origami magazine Issue 232 - June 2005, available from the Members' Area of the BOS website.

(from Wikipedia) "Humiaki Huzita was a Japanese-born, mathematician and origami artist who later became an Italian citizen. He is also a geologist and a physicist that focuses specifically on nuclear physics. He is best known for formulating the first six Huzita–Hatori axioms, which are rules associated with origami, the mathematics behind it, and the operations that form when folding a paper."

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