Helen Swift

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So sorry to hear about Helen, my condolences to her family. Helen was one of those incredibly nice people who made attending conventions a joy. She always greeted me with a smile and was genuinely interested in how everyone was getting on, not just regarding origami but in general life too. By her own admittance Helen would not profess to be a great technical folder, preferring simple to moderate models, and the social side of origami, as you have said. But that was more than made upfor by her enthusiasm and good nature.

She would often reminisce to me about us "young lads" from Bristol, and some of our models that she enjoyed folding, including Dan Mason (bless him) who she also took under her wing in troubled times, which I'm sure Dan appreciated.

It was nice seeing Helen continue to come to recent conventions, even when her mobility and general health was in decline, and I will have fond memories of her, and will miss her.

Tony O'Hare

Helen will be missed at the Manchester mini meetings. She was a regular attendee despite the distance from her home. Her enthusiasm and spirit was an inspiration.

James Simon

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