Doris Lauinger
1953 – 2013

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Doris Lauinger

I was so sad to hear of the death of my old friend Doris Lauinger. She made me very welcome when I stayed at her home in Bonn some years ago.

We went sightseeing all over the city and also to a mini meeting, I can't remember where it was but not far from Bonn. She was making a box of Kawasaki  Roses for a present, her every spare minute was spent on them, she was a very neat folder.

A very vivid memory was in a museum of East Germany when I tapped a plastic Trabant car and the lady in charge came over and told me in no uncertain terms I was not to touch it.

Doris will be remembered every Christmas at our house as she usually sent decorations for our tree as Christmas presents. She sent lots of lovely red wooden cut out stars and Christmas Trees amongst other more rustic decorations.

For Christmas 2012 she sent me an exquisite embroidered snow flake which had pride of place on our tree. The decorations on our tree are about 40% from Doris, it was her aim to make it over 50% sadly that will not happen now.

Penny Groom

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