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I was stumbling along the electronic highway the other day and was struck by the green habits of publishers. There are many different books going under the same titles. Easy Origami (Gross, Nakano), Paper Magic (Harbin, Gleason) Complete Origami (Lang, Kenneway, Jackson), Step by Step Origami (Harbin, Jackson,) Teach Yourself Origami (Harbin, Montroll). Joy of Origami (Kasahara, Takahama) are but a few recycled titles. I thought maybe the time has come to offer a few new ones. Here goes –

Origami for the Masochist (an old chestnut this)
Origami in Greek (for classical scholars)
Tame Origami (for the less adventurous)
Martian Paper Folding (green pages)
Stick with Origami (you can’t beat it)
The Ultimate Complete Step by Step Origami Omnibus (for the man who wants
Ugly Origami (to be different)
Careless Origami (ideal for relaxation)
PE in origami (all models repeat steps 1-10 a hundred times)
Flower Origami (for budding folders)
Origami for Housepersons (sink folding)
Origami Metallica (foil folds)
Foiled! (crinkled models?)
Dog-earred Origami (a well used book)
Not So Brilliant Origami (a more modest author)
Origami, Cut by Cut (not for the purist)
Origami, the Cutting Edge (sister volume to the above title)
Polygami (multi-piece models)
Sticking with Origami (for the folding adherent)
Origami for Unbelievers (the common mans’ guide)
Origami Unfolded (a reverse engineering textbook)
Industrial Origami (A Guru writes)
Heretic Origami (comes with glue stick and scissors)
Origami : the Paperfolding book with the subtitle so long that by the time you have reached the end of it you have forgotten the main description and miss the point
Squint Origami (small diagrams and even smaller text)
Pathetic Paper Planes (non-flying models)
Pain of Origami (written from the non-folders perspective)
Origami without Tears (for careful folders)
Spendthrift Origami (money folding with $1000 bills)
Cheapskate Origami (take one toilet roll………..)
Rainy Day Origami (wet folding manual) [laminated edition available]
Origami Monstrosities (100’s of steps to each model!)
Napkin Folding for Messy Eaters (Take a sheet of water proof paper………)
Napkin Folding for Butter Fingers (companion volume to above)
Folding by Numbers (sequential folding with unpredictable results)
The Model Vanishes (treatise on miniature folding)
Non-Geometric Polyhedra in Origami (modular fantasies)
Time Wasting Origami (for those lo…ong boring meetings)
Egyptian Origami (Children’s book : fold with mummy)
Mysterious Origami (diagrams hard to follow)
Nonconformist Origami (Random access diagrams – International diagram symbols not used)
Psychic Origami (unpublished)
Flammable Origami (matchless!)
Puzzling Origami (pages out of order)
More Puzzling Origami (missing pages)
Origami for Sun Readers (world exclusive!)
ABC of Origami (DEF etc..in sister volumes)
Origami Con Tricks (It’s in the post…………..honest)
Scarcely Origami (minimalist folding)
Contortionist Origami (excruciating models)
Ethical Origami (printed on recycled paper)
The RSPCA Guide to Origami (no animals were harmed during the production of this book)
Australian Origami (printed upside down)
Nanoscale Origami (101 uses for an Atomic Force Microscope)
Surgical Origami (requires some cutting)
Origami Incontinence (first steps to wet-folding)
Origami for the left-handed
Models I’ve lifted without credit from other people (several authors)
Cut-and-stick (a new approach to origami)
Almost Origami Origami…….
At a pinch Origami
One handed Outside-in Origami (reverse folding)
Fairy tale Origami (Frogbase turns into Prince)
Nested Origami (bird-base models)
Origami for the Inebriated
Origami for Insomniacs
Origami Omelette
Modular Origami (in 52 weekly parts)
The idiots guide to the BOS Council
“The idiots” – a guide to the BOS Council
Barmigami – folding for the criminally insane
Amphibious Origami (French edition)
Complete Origami (abridged edition)
Apathy in Origami (don’t bother buying)
Confessions of an origami sex slave (Sunday Sport Publications)
Homer Simpson’s Foolproof Origami ………….Doh!
Self Assembly Origami (MFI Publications)
Engineering in Origami (Sponsored by Meccano)
Electronic Origami (batteries not included)
Memoirs of an MI5 Origami Operative (not available in UK)
Circular Origami (pointless)
Opaque Origami (lacks clarity)
Investing in Origami (The published price may rise or fall)
Using Flame Retarding Origami (reduced due to fire damage)
Origami for the Indecisive (32 models all exactly the same)
An Origami Guide for FT readers (No comment!)
Bargain Origami (50% off RRP)
Environmentally Friendly Origami (introduction by George W Bush)
Microsoft Origami for Windows (requires upgrade)
Origami Anonymous (collection of models taught in convention bars)
Sheep folding for beginners (Welsh edition)
Crease! (origami musical)
The Origami Barmy Army (a fan’s guide)
Origami for the Executioner (models to die for)
Microsoft Origami 2001 (each model requires larger paper)
The Art of Zen Origami (no diagrams provided)
Zen Origami 2 (the sound of one crease folding)
Nocturnal Origami (black paper with luminous writing)

Nick Robinson

Original ideas: David Petty, Contributors: Dave Brill, Mike Dilks, David Tittle, Tony O’Hare, David and Lilian Petty, Richard Kennedy, Ian Harrison, Kirsty Reeve, Nick Robinson

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