Brendan Plumb - baseball cap

Brendan Plumb

Brendan joined BOS just over a year ago at the beginning of 2019 and since then has been actively involved in the Society. Read on to find out more about Brendan…

When did you first join BOS and why?

I joined the Society in January 2019, a colleague gave me a flyer from the BOS table at MCM Comicon. It took a few months to pluck up the courage, but when I turned up to my first mini meeting and discovered a group of people who also carried around boxes of paper all the time, I was sold.

What do you like most about BOS and can you share any moments/events that you have really enjoyed?

I went to both Bradford and Milton Keynes conventions last year and absolutely loved them! I also volunteered for the 2019 Comicon events, it was really interesting helping people of all ages to fold, many for the first time. I am now a regular at the London meetings and have made some really good friends, I have learned a huge amount in my first year and my folding has definitely improved.

Why does origami appeal to you and how long have you been into it?

I have always loved the creative aspect of origami and find folding helps me to relax and focus. My first experience with origami was a copy of Eric Kenneway’s “Paperfolding For Fun” that I got in my early teens forty years ago, and it is still my favourite book.

Which are some of your favourite folds or models and why?

I initially liked folding animals and birds, but since joining the Society, I have started dabbling with more complex modular designs and tessellations which I also enjoy. It’s really hard to pick favourites but I fold the following models constantly:
* Robert Neal: Dragon
* Traditional: Lily
* John French: Swan
* John Montroll: Hummingbird
* Tomoko Fuse: Navel Shell

Tell us an anecdote, fact or news involving origami

At dinner at the Bradford convention the hotel placemats were conveniently made of A3 paper, I can’t recall whose idea it was but they had the diagram for a baseball cap by Paul Jackson, within half an hour everyone in the restaurant was wearing one, it was a surreal and hilarious experience!

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