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Peter Budai

In her note to Origami-L sent earlier today, Dana Cherry asked for information about Peter Budai, the Hungarian author of the recently published bi-language Origami book "A Papir Birodalma" or "The Realm of Paper".

I have just finished writing a letter to Peter, and can claim to know him as a friend, so perhaps I may say a few words about him.

Peter is now aged 15 years, having been born on 24th, September, 1981. His father was a mining engineer who died from a heart attack when Peter was four years old and since then Peter has lived with his mother A'gathe and his grandmother. The family live at Szabadbattyan near Kolcsey in Hungary.

Peter started paperfolding about the time that his father died, but he hasother hobbies including collecting minerals and pottery. He has proved an apt pupil at school and seems to excel in all subjects. In particular he speaks English very well indeed. In his last note to me he told me he was learning Italian. He has already travelled extensively, accompanied by his mother, who speaks only a little English. He has visited New York for the OUSA Conventions, Germany,China and Finland, Russia and others. I am sure that many members of Origami-L will have met him.

Peter designed his first origami model when he was nine years old and he held ; his first exhibition in 1992, followed by many others in Hungary. His models have been exhibited in Tokyo, Italy, Paris., Munich and New York. He is a member of the BOS, OUSA, CDO. Origami Deutschland, the St. Petersburg Origami Centre and BARF. In Munich in 1995, he met and had his photograph taken with Akira Yoshizawa.

At the early age of twelve, Peter published two origami books: "Origami Mindenkinek" and "Dinok es Tarsaik" (about folding dionosaurs). While this is undoubtedly a remarkable acievement for a twelve-year old, he has been sponsored by a commercial firm, Dunaujvaros Fine -paper-mill Ltd.. So, "A Papir Birodalma" is his third book. To date he has designed well over 150 origami models.

Altogether, Peter Budai is a remarkable young man. Despite his gifts, he remains a happy teenager and his sucesses have not gone to his head. We hope that in his later life he will realise the promise he has shown so far, whether it is in paperfolding or in some profession unrelated to it. I am sure that if his father could see Peter now, he would be very proud of his son. We will all watch his future career with deep interest and with hope and goodwill for everything he does.

David Lister.

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