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Guiseppe Baggi

Many thanks to Ken Kawamura for his posting which listed some of Baggi's folds from "Mad."

Baggi was an extraordinary folder, entirely self-taught. Unfortunately, very few of his folds have been diagrammed or published in the origami literature.

He was one of the great folders of that classic period during the early years after the foundation of the OrigamiCemter in October 1958. One of the biggest gaps in our knowlege of his period is a record of Baggi's folds and there is a great need for his folds to be published. The listing of the folds in MAD goes some way to filling this need.

Many are the stories told about Baggi and his visits to meetings at the Origami Center. Lillian said that she used to insist that he took a bath before coming to meetings! I understand that Origami USA has inherited from Lillian boxes and boxes of Baggi's sopontaneous creations, all unanalysed and undiagrammed. Where is the selfless person who will devote his/her life to excavating this hidden seam of origami?

I, personally, shall be most grateful to receive further particulars of folds by Baggi, details of his life and anecdotes about him.

David Lister

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