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Books on Envelopes and Letterfolds

Robyn Meyer ("A few Questions, 15th, December) asks if there are any books specifically dedicated to letterfolds and envelopes.

The only ones I can think of are the quite thick booklets published by the Envelope and Letterfold Association (ELFA).

The first booklet, with the title "Envelope and Letter Folding" was issued by the British Origami Society as its Booklet no. 25 in 1988 and a second edition, (a revision of the first) was published by ELFA in 1991.

"Envelope and Letter Folding, 3rd Edition" was issued by ELFA in 1992. The description of this as a "Third Edition" is eccentric, because it is a completely new and different compilation.

The so-called Fourth Edition was published by ELFA in June, 1995 (third Impression, march 1966). This again is a new work which brings in the considerable eastern element. (John Cunliffe is a close friend of Steve and Megumi Biddle, Megumi being Japanese.)

All the books have sections of text, but the greater part of them is of instructions for a variety of envelope and letter folds. All the instructions are immaculately drawn by John Cunliffe.

To have a complete picture, up to date, you need the Second, Third and Fouth "Editions". They can be obtained from John Cunliffe, 17, Regents Park Road, Londo, NW1 7TL, England. I don't know the price, but I should think, about three pounds each.

Membership is divided between Full Members and Associate members. Full Members join in a postal portfolio which circulates round them. At the end of each round a summary is compiled which is distributed to Associate Members, who can request copies of any item listed. There appears to be no subscription payable for associate membership of ELFA, though publications have to be bought and do not come with membership.

Apart from that, the only publications I can think of are some of the Japanese language books about wrappers (or "tstutsumi"), some of which are in the nature of envelopes and letterfolds.

David Lister

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