Two New Remastered Model Collections Available

Fill someone’s stocking (it can be yours too!) with two new VERY Rare – remastered Model Collections now available in both Printed and eBook form.

Included this time the long out of print, now newly remastered Supplements from 2000 and 2001.

It has been traditional for a collection of models to be published for each BOS origami convention since 1978.

Whilst they have been given a number of different names, ‘Convention Pack’ and ‘Model Collection’ they all remain a valuable document of the vogue of origami creation in the year they were produced.

These booklets are originally produced with a limited run, and for many, they have become collectors’ items, sought many years after the event.

The Remastered series aims to republish the original collections in many cases with new covers, all on a premium quality paper, bound and where possible with spine text as a perfect way to compile a history of origami creation that will fit neatly in your origami book case. The remastered series have been renamed for consistency as ‘Model Collections’ with the year of the convention.

eBooks will arrive immediately, perfect for last minute presents!

Printed and eBook versions available from links below.

British Origami Society Model Collection 2000-2001 Supplements

eBook Version

British Origami Society Model Collection Spring 2002

eBook Version

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