The Origami of Larry Hart Remastered

The Origami of Larry Hart: Selected Works

The remastered version of the late Larry Hart’s classic works is now available here .

This is not available as an E-Book, and should not be missed.

Models included are

Paper Ball
Kneeling Mandarin
Snap Hexahedron
Half Hexahedron
Irregular Pyramid
Rolling Box to Cube
Roll over Cube
Instant Collapsing Box
Cube with Lid
Resting Cat
One Piece Four-dimensional Box
Sea Shell
Delta Glider
Box Glider
Flapping Flying Bird
Simple Flapping Bird
Skeletal Octahedron 1
Skeletal Octahedron 2
A4 Photo Frame
Jewel (dollar bill)
Dollar Bill Flower
Sunken Octahedron (dollar bill)
L.T. Letterfold
L Plate
Tube Cube
Hart’s Heart
Irregular Pyramid
3D Stand
Noise Maker





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