Simple model of the week – the kabuto (Samurai helmet)

Do you prefer to learn a model from a diagram or a video? We have both in the simple models section of our website. When you are first learning to fold from diagrams it can help with a tricky step or a symbol that’s new to you if you can watch a video or get another folder to teach it.

Try the diagram, and if you need extra help, fold along with the video instructions. With this model, you’ll see that the video for this model includes an extra step to add a detail to the base of the helmet.

The Kabuto or samurai helmet is a fun traditional model. As with many simple models, playing with the design and adapting it is a great way to start to design your own origami models, or if you are an experienced creator already, to get inspiration.

At our 2022 convention the BOS ran a Kabuto challenge, and people made a great variety of models, all based on this design. Check out these variations on the traditional classic:

Crown by Tony O’Hare; Wreath and Kabuto4 by Rob Foord, Fish by Stephen Wickes, Owl by Lee Armstrong;


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