Origami online in December 2023

Here’s our round up of the best online origami in December – the year may be nearly over, but the folding continues.

Folding Didactics online conference – 2nd December 2023

A different kind of convention – the classes will be about designs suitable for teaching and so are highly recommended to teachers, therapists and others who use folding within their occupations.

With: Joan Sallas, Nick Robinson, Carmen Sprung, Lee Armstrong, Michael Lafosse, Gerardo Gacharná Ramírez

Registration is on the Folding Didactics Website

Cost – recommended donation of £5/$5/€5 as a minimum.

Advent of Tess 1st to 25th December

Madonna Yoder’s online classes are all about learning to fold tesselations. This year she is offering free sessions every day until Christmas day, with models progressing in difficulty. This year Madonna has won a coveted Joisel Award for her work!

Registration on the Gathering Folds website

Cost – Free


If you are running an origami event and would like us to feature it – from a local community session to a big international conference contact us!

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