Online Origami Events round up – December 2022, January 2023

As we head into the end of another year it’s time for a round up of international origami online events.
There’s something for everyone from beginner to expert, and a mix of free and paid for classes.
AEP online convention:
Our friends in the Spanish Origami society have a great selection of classes at their convention, find out more here:
When: December 17 and 18, 2022.
Difficulty level: sessions for all levels.
Price: Members of the Spanish Origami Association: free. Non-members: € 10.
Advent of Tessellations with Madonna Yoder
1st to 25th December – a class every day.
Join tessellation expert and teacher Madonna Yoder as she presents a class every day for 25 days. Ideal whether you are a folder keen take on tessellated models, or a tessellation addict wanting another fix!
Difficulty level – starts intermediate and builds up to more difficult models. Make sure you sign up in advance as you need to get your paper ready and follow the instructions to fold some grids for each class.
Price: free (but you need to register using the link above)
Folding for Ukraine – folding didactics online.
For years the Folding Didactics movement has promoted paper folding as a tool in education. To help fund their next convention in Freiburg, Germany they are offering an online convention. Where many origami events offer folding classes, this event reaches beyond origami folders, and is ideal for teachers wanting to techniques and inspiration for using paper folding in a wide range of education settings.
Offering 6 to 8 online classes during the day, including a presentation from some young Ukrainian folders and Teachers. More information and sign up here
Price: a minimum donation of 2 euros but suggested donation of 10 euros.

When: Sunday January 29th 2023

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