#Gomodular day 4: 3 Way Joint by Natale Fietta

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There are many models in the BOS archives that you might have missed. This one is from the Spring 1989 model collection – thanks to David Mitchell for suggesting it.

The diagram is very simple! You need to make a 5×3 rectangle (divide a 15cm square into 5ths, then cut off 2/5ths), instead of folding steps we have a very simple crease pattern, and a simple instruction to assemble 6 units. You can also make a smaller model, starting from 7.5cm squares.

This model will take a little patience to assemble – you have to tease the units together at the corners but once everything is in place it makes an ingenious and super solid model. We love the simple concept and the resulting form.  Sometimes modulars offer a little puzzle to solve, and this is one of them. Its amazing how strong paper can be – when the structure is just right!

Taking it further:

We found another way to put the units together (the red, yellow and green model below) – can you make it? Hint – the units are the same but the flaps become pockets. Look closely at the colours of the two models below and see how they are different…

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