#Gomodular Day 2: Heptad Ring by Jeff Beynon

Diagrams for the Heptad Ring 

Jeff Beynon was a prolific creator and pioneer of modular origami (as well as other geometric and figurative designs). He discovered so many modular rings and stars, it was hard to choose one for our #gomodular series.

This model was suggested by BOS member and former chair, Tony O’Hare. There is so much to like about this model!  It is rare that we find a modular figure with 7 sides, and even more unusual to find one where the units are so simple. The unit for this model is diagrammed in just one step (but you could argue as there are 3 folds, really its a 3 step sequence)! The assembly is also super straightforward. You can make it easily from 7.5cm squares of standard origami paper, or experiment with something else.

Taking it further.

This geometry is so simple, it feels like it must lend itself to making more 7 sided designs if you are (or want to become) a creator. You can try simple variations too – Tony O’Hare’s variation below makes the model into a star-like shape, just by missing out one step. The lock on the model is strong enough that this still makes a solid result.

This model is from Jeff’s book More’igami, You can find more of Jeff’s books for sale in our shop.


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