#Gomodular day 19 – Pentagonal Box By Tomoko Fuse

Diagram for this model is exclusive to BOS members in the BOS magazine issue 304

We couldn’t have a series of modular origami without something from Tomoko Fuse. Her modular boxes are superb, elegant works, and favourites of many folders. This model makes clever use of geometry to make a five sided box and lid from identical sheets of paper.

Folding tips: 15cm Origami paper is ideal, however you may want to make something really beautiful using special paper. We recommend you try with standard origami paper first, as this is one of the more challenging models in our #gomodular series.

Taking it further. Tomoko suggests there are lots of variations you can try – perhaps you can see a way to make a new pattern with a simple colour change? If you do please share your fold on social media with the hashtag #gomodular.


Our thanks as ever to Tomoko for her great designs!

There are hundreds of great models exclusive to BOS members why not join the society to get access to them, and so much more?

(The image shows Tomoko Fuse’s Pentagonal Box and Lid, folded by Edward Holmes.)

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