#Gomodular Day 16 – Window Icosahedron by Tung Ken Lam

Diagram for this model


Another great design by Tung Ken Lam – this is model that makes use of a rectangle ratio 1 : √3

(If you need instructions to create these rectangles, go to the 6 pointed star we featured by Carmen Sprung)

Start with a 15cm square of origami paper and cut 2 rectangles. Tung Ken provides lots of ideas for how to use the unit.

Just 3 units will make a little octahedron, or 6 for the windowed icosahedron. Once you get the hang of weaving the models together its possible to get an attractive, solid result. Its amazing that paper will flex and slide to make models like this work!

Taking it further – lots of polyhedra with equilateral triangle faces are possible. The diagram has some suggestions, but we are sure there are more!

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