#Gomodular day 14 – 15 Degree Star by Dave Brill

Diagrams for this model

There are lots of 3d modular star models, but very few with such long points as this design by Dave Brill!

Made from 12 units, the units themselves are fairly easy to fold – just 9 steps, all mountain or valley folds, is all you need. Its important when you fold the unit to make sure you create a pocket in step 6, that you tuck the paper behind all of the layers, or the module will not hold together.

This model is a little more challenging to assemble, so we recommend using some pegs or clips to hold things steady while you add the units together.

Taking it further:

Paper choice:

Dave recommends 10cm squares,  We used standard 15cm origami paper to make the model in the photo. Experiment with different colour combinations!

If you have some thin paper, and are able to fold accurately enough, could you try making a smaller version of this model?


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