#Gomodular day 12 – Cube From Thirds by Tung Ken Lam

The diagram for this model is here

Cubes are a favourite for origami. There seems to be no end to the number of ways to make this simple 3d form by folding paper. Tung Ken Lam’s Cube from Thirds is a clever model, that is easy to fold and assemble, and there is something very elegant about the proportions.

Taking it further. This type of model is just perfect for experimenting with colour – how can you arrange different combinations? What patterns can you create? We made this zig-zag version using just two colours, but lots of variations are possible.

Taking it even further! If you look at the holes in the centre of each face, and try inserting a unit, you’ll see that its a perfect fit. Is it possible to thread one cube through another as you assemble the units?

As well as having written several books on geometric origami, Tung Ken Lam has more diagrams on his website


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