#Gomodular day 9: Runners by Paolo Bascetta

The diagram for this model is here

The units for ‘Runners’ are simple, easy to assemble and are folded from bronze rectangles. 6 Units make an attractive star, and the name comes from seeing the image as 3 legs (like the symbol of the Isle of Man, the Triskelion).

Taking it further:

Many simple pieces join to create a mesmerising pattern, which can be as large or small as you like. Multiple macro-modules are joined to one another, with another small module, to create the final pattern, which looks stunning with as few as three pieces… the image below shows seven, but can be repeated infinitely ∞ !

The pattern reminds us of the tiling / tessellation works of MC Escher, and this was one of Paolo’s many stunning works in a recent exhibition.

Huge thanks to Paolo for sharing this design. We love how simple units can make something so spectacular.

Join us tomorrow for another creator’s take on the same geometry to create another beautiful modular star.

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