#Gomodular Day 10 – Rhombus Stars by Carmen Sprung

Diagram for the 6 pointed star

Diagram for the 8 pointed star

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Not one model but two, with the same underlying fold sequence and assembly, but starting from different proportions of paper. We love the way Carmen uses the geometry of the rectangle and a few folds that seem so natural to make such a clean design, and the lock for the units is super strong.

Tip: start with a 15cm square of standard origami paper, to make a star just less than 15cm wide.

Taking it further: its possible to make both sides of the star look identical (extremely rare in origami and taken as a sign of a great design by some folders), or to have a variation on one side, like in the image below.

When she taught this model at an online Folding Didactics event, Carmen also set us a challenge: can you find the proportions for other stars that can be made in the same way?

What’s more the 6 pointed star will tile, like the Runners model by Paolo Bascetta that we also featured in our #gomodular series.

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