#gomodular Day 1: Petra Star by Maria Sinayskaya

What better way to start off  our #GoModular series with this excellent star from Maria Synaskya?  This is just the kind of easy modular origami we love – the fold sequence has a lovely rhythm and flow, the units are simple to fold, the assembly is easy, the units lock together strongly, and the result is beautiful.  The star also looks good on the reverse side – always a sign of a great modular design.

When she was our guest at a convention in Swansea, Maria said “if a design is good, it is bound to be found.” Designs like this just seem to be waiting to be discovered.

To make this star you need 8 2×1 rectangles (cut 4 squares of paper in half). The model is easy to make with ordinary origami paper, and looks great if you have 2 colours, alternating the units as shown in the diagram, or why not get creative and try more?

Maria recommends a 5 x 10 rectangle in the diagrams, the model also works well from rectangles 15cm x 7.5cm.

Taking it further:

One of the best aspects of modular origami is making a model your own. Your choice of paper is a great way to personalise a model, but you can also try little variations to the basic unit. Maria’s diagrams include a variation to get you started, but what else can you make?

Diagrams are available for everyone here.

This model is just one of countless modular designs from Maria – check out this array of stars and three dimensional designs from her exhibition at the BOS convention in Swansea.

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