Convention Archive

2022AutumnSeptember 04Bradford CampanileWith guests David Mitchell, Peter Buchan-Symons and Rob Foord
2022SpringApril 09OnlineVirtual Convention
2021AutumnSeptember 12OnlineVirtual Convention
2021SpringApril 10OnlineVirtual Convention
2020AutumnSeptember 13OnlineFirst Virtual Convention
2019AutumnSeptember 7-8Milton Keynes, Kents Hill ParkWith guests Eric Vigier and Paolo Bascetta
2019SpringApril 6-7Bradford Campanile HotelWith guests João Charrua and Dáša Ševerová
2018AutumnSeptember 8-9St Anne’s College, OxfordFollowing OSME event with guests Alessandra Lamio and Alessandro Beber (Italy)
2018SpringApril 7-8Firstsite, ColchesterTheme of The Past, the Present & the Future with guests Joan Sallas and Xiǎoxián Huáng
2017AutumnSeptember 1-3Crowne Plaza, Stratford-Upon-Avon50th anniversary with Tomoko Fuse, Paul Jackson, Robert Lang and Giang Dinh
2017SpringApril 7-9Bradford Campanile HotelNo guest, plenty of curry
2016AutumnSeptember 2-4University of SwanseaMaria Sinaskaya
2016SpringApr 8-10Birmingham Campanile HotelGiles Towning – theme of “sound”
2015AutumnSep 5/6University of Essex, ColchesterSébastien Limet and Carmen Sprung
2015SpringMar 13/14Birmingham Campanile HotelAlternative Folding Materials
2014AutumnSept 5/7Bradford Campanile HotelSipho Mabona
2014SpringApr 12/13Birmingham Campanile HotelJonathan Korejko, papermaker
2013AutumnAug 30/Sep 01University of Edinburgh Pollock HallsToshikazu Kawasaki, Beth Johnson
2013SpringApr 6/7Birmingham Campanile Hotel“There’s a fold in everyone”
2012AutumnSep 8/9Liverpool Hope Univ.Tom Hull
2012SpringApr 14/15Birmingham Campanile HotelFounders celebration
2011AutumnSep 3/4Winchester Uni. West DownsJoseph Wu
2011SpringApr 9/10Birmingham Campanile HotelAkira Yoshizawa celebration
2010AutumnSep 11/12York Univ. Ripon & St.JohnRomán Díaz
2010SpringMar 27/28Birmingham, CadburysEric Kenneway celebration
2009AutumnSep 5/6Winchester Uni. West DownsYoshihide & Sumiko Momotani
2009SpringMar 28/29Nottingham (Nightingale)Robert Harbin centenery
2008AutumnSep 13/14Liverpool Hope Univ.Edwin Corrie
2008SpringMar 29/30Nottingham (Nightingale)Max Hulme
2007AutumnSep 9/10Cambridge (Kaetsu Centre
Robert Lang, Eric Joisel, Miyuki Kawamura
2007SpringApr 13/15Barnsley, Wentworth CastleTed Norminton
2006AutumnSep 9/10Bristol Univ. (Badock Hall)Paula Versnick
2006SpringApr 8/9Leicester UniversityNicolas Terry
2005AutumnSep 2/4Lancaster (St Martins College)no guest – origami in education
2005SpringApr 8/10Nottingham (Florence Boot)Paulo Mulatinho and Silke Schröder
2004AutumnSep 10/12Bristol Univ. (Churchill Hall)Tomoko Fuse
2004SpringApr 2/4Manchester (Luther King House)Heinz Strobl
2003AutumnSep 5/7York Univ. Ripon & St.JohnHalle
2003SpringMar 28/30Nottingham (Florence Boot)Paul Jackson & Miri Golan
2002AutumnSep 13/15Cambridge (Fitzwilliam College)Joan Sallas
2002SpringApr 12/14Bristol Univ. (Churchill Hall)Thoki Yenn
2001AutumnSep 7/9London, GreenwichDavid Derudas
2001SpringMar 30/Apr 01Nottingham (Florence Boot)Vincent Floderer
2000AutumnSept 16/17York Univ. Ripon & St.JohnHerman Van Goubergen
2000SpringSept 16/17Cambridge (Fitzwilliam College)Eric Joisel
1999AutumnSep 17/19Bristol Univ. (Churchill Hall)Kunihiko Kasahara
1999SpringApr 17/18York Univ. Ripon & St.JohnJeremy Schafer
1998AutumnSep 19/20Nottingham Univ.(Florence Boot) 
1998SpringApr 4/5Birmingham, Beeches College 
1997AutumnSep 14/15York Univ. Ripon & St.John30th Anniversary – Akira Yoshizawa, Michael LaFosse, Alfredo Giunta
1997SpringApr 5/6Bristol Univ. (Churchill Hall) 
1996AutumnSep 14/15Sheffield Univ.(Stephenson Hall) 
1996SpringMar 30/31Nottingham Univ.(Florence Boot) 
1995AutumnSept 16/17York Univ. Ripon & St.JohnSergei Afonkin
1995SpringApr 8/9Birmingham, Beeches Conf. Centre50th Convention & 29th AGM
1994AutumnSep 24/25Essex Univ. (Colchester)49th Convention Robert Neale
1994SpringApr 16/17Bristol Univ. (Churchill Hall) 
1993AutumnSep 11/12Nottingham Univ. (Nightingale) 
1993SpringApr 3/4Birmingham, Beeches Conf. Centre 
1992AutumnSep 10/13London, Westminster College25th Anniversary
1992SpringApr 11/12Nottingham Univ. (Nightingale) 
1991AutumnOct 5/6Birmingham, Beeches Conf. Centre 
1991SpringApr 6/7Egham (Holloway & Bedford) 
1990AutumnSep 22/23Bristol Univ. (Churchill Hall) 
1990SpringApr 7/8Nottingham Univ. (Nightingale) 
1989AutumnSep 16/17Sheffield Univ.(Stephenson Hall)Tomoko Fuse
1989SpringApr 15/16B’ham Univ. (Wyddrington Hall) 
1988AutumnSep 24/25Keble College, OxfordThelma Randlett
1988SpringApr 16/17Nottingham Univ. (Nightingale) 
1987AutumnOct 10/11Cobden Hotel, Birmingham 
1987SpringApr 10/12London (Lambeth)20th Anniversary
1986AutumnOct 11/12Cobden Hotel, Birmingham 
1986SpringApr 12/13Chester CollegeYoshihide & Sumiko Momotani
1985AutumnOct 12/13Cobden Hotel, Birmingham 
1985SpringApr 7/8Downing College, Cambridge 
1984Autumn Cobden Hotel, Birmingham 
1984SpringMar 30/Apr 1Downing College, Cambridge 
1983AutumnOct 2/3Cobden Hotel, BirminghamAkira Yoshizawa
1983SpringApr 15/17Keble College Oxford 
1982AutumnOct 2/3Cobden Hotel, Birmingham15th Anniversary
1982SpringApr 2/4Lancaster University 
1981AutumnOct 3/4Cobden Hotel, Birmingham 
1981SpringApr 4/5Keble College, Oxford 
1980AutumnOct 4/5Cobden Hotel, Birmingham 
1980SpringApr 12/13Nottingham Univ (Cripps Hall) 
1979AutumnOct 6/7Cobden Hotel, Birmingham 
1979SpringApr 7/8Bristol Univ (Badock Hall) 
1978AutumnOct 7/8Cobden Hotel, Birmingham 
1978SpringApr 1/2Manchester Univ. (Hulme Hall) 
1977AutumnOct 8/9Cobden Hotel, Birmingham 
1977SpringMar 26/27Churchill College, Cambridge 
1976AutumnOct 9/10Cobden Hotel, Birmingham 
1976SpringApr 10/11Sussex University (Brighton)Roberto Morassi – 1st university venue
1975AutumnOct 10/11Cobden Hotel, Birmingham 
1975SpringApr 5/6Kenilworth Hotel, LondonRoberto Morassi
1974AutumnOct 5/6Cobden Hotel, Birmingham 
1974SpringApr 6/7Ivanhoe Hotel, London 
1973AutumnSep 29/30Cobden Hotel, Birmingham 
1973SpringApr 14/15Kingsley Hotel, London 
1972AutumnOct 14/15Cobden Hotel, BirminghamAkira Yoshizawa
1972SpringJun 3Vienna Café, LondonMilton Halpert
1971AutumnOct 2/3Arden Hotel, Birmingham 
1971SpringMay 8Vienna Café, London 
1970AutumnOct 31Vienna Café, London 
1970SpringMay 23Vienna Café, LondonAlice Gray and Lillian Oppenheimer
1969AutumnOct 4Vienna Café, London 
1969SpringMay 24120 Oakwood Court, London 
1968AutumnNov 2Russell Hotel, LondonPhilip Shen and Florence Temko
1968SpringMay 18120 Oakwood Court, London 
1967AutumnOct 28Russell Hotel, LondonInaugural and Ist AGM of the BOS
1967SpringApr 22120 Oakwood Court, LondonLillian Oppenheimer  – 2nd Meeting of Portfolio Society
1966SpringApr 30120 Oakwood Court, LondonLillian Oppenheimer  – 1st Meeting of Portfolio Society

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