Autumn 2024 Convention : Edinburgh

23rd to 25th August 2024

Hello everyone! This year we are inviting you all to come to Edinburgh for the Autumn Convention. Like last time (back in 2013) we will be at the John McIntyre Conference Centre with nearby accommodation at Pollock Halls. All this at the foot of Arthur’s Seat, very close to the centre of Edinburgh. And again, it’s the last weekend of the Edinburgh International Festival, so if you want to have a few extra days in Edinburgh there’s lots going on.

We like to have a bit of a theme, and this year we’ve gone with sheep and wool-related items, which is a large part of Scotland’s heritage. We are encouraging everyone to come up with new sheep and wool-related models, as well as any Scotland related models you can think of!   There will be competitions at the convention for best new Scottish model and best new sheep model.  If inspiration deserts you, not to worry, we are hoping to have people bring along pre-folded sheep to add to our sheep-fold display. Hence the punning motto of the convention!

Special Guests

Francesco Mancini. “I discovered origami one evening about ten years ago in a pizzeria when a friend showed me and then taught me Sam Randlett’s bird that beats its wings. I knew the barchetta, the airplane and some other traditional models but that stimulated my curiosity and gave me the impulse to deepen the knowledge and possibilities of this art. My passion has been modular since the beginning, but I also really like origami movement, play and simple ones.

A few years ago I started to create original models and recently I published a collection of diagrams. At the beginning I was a solitary bender, then I joined the Origami Diffusion Centre, I started attending a folding group and going to the first conferences. In addition to folding, I like to teach origami and I am lucky enough to be able to do it, especially with children, at the Museum of Mathematics in Florence where we offer origami as a tool for the study of mathematics.” Please check Francesco’s Instagram page 

Tetsuya Gotani is a Japanese origami designer, accordion player, and cat lover currently living in France Auvergne. He started folding in kindergarten and has been creating his own designs since 2007 when he was teaching origami for French children. He taught all the models he knew and when that ran out, he had to start creating new models.

Please check out Tetsuya’s online presence: Instagram YouTube


The programme organisers would be delighted to hear from you if you would like to teach your own model (we need models of all levels). We would like teachers to explain briefly before or during their session how they came to create their particular model. Apart from teaching you could offer to help in the supplies shop, arrange the exhibition table, or assist with preparing paper for folding groups.

Model Collection

If you have any model instruction diagrams which you would like considered for the model collection, please send these to Please send as high-resolution pdfs if possible. Anyone whose work is included in the model collection will receive a complimentary hard copy (or pdf if preferred) as a token of our thanks.

Teaching Programme

If you want to teach or run a workshop, please contact the organisers (see below). If you plan to teach someone else’s design, please obtain their permission beforehand. 

Other help

Apart from teaching, you could offer to help in the supplies shop, arrange the exhibition tables, assist with preparing paper for folding groups, meet and greet.  You could also help load and unload supplies and help tidy up at the end of the convention, etc.  If you are interested in helping out in any way, please tick the box on the Booking Form, and state the type of help you can offer.


Convention Bookings
Penny Groom

Convention Programme Organisers
Martin Quinn 📱 07946 536456 ✉
Dennis Walker 📱 07757 218063 ✉
Kenny Dowson 📱 07545 295852 ✉

• We regret that we cannot collect money during the convention.
• Payments should be made to British Origami Society in pounds sterling.
• Bookings are on a first-come, first-served basis.
• You can pay by PayPal via the BOS website.

Confirmation of your booking and directions to the venue will be sent/emailed shortly after your form or PayPal payment is received. If you have not received your booking confirmation within three weeks, please contact Penny Groom, to make sure that your booking has not gone astray. Final details of, and a provisional programme, will be sent shortly before the convention.

It is important that you let us know if you have any dietary requirements. There is a vegetarian/vegan option available. If you have any special requirements (e.g. hearing or access), please let us know in advance.

Please note: booking closes on 9th August!

Attendees at BOS events (online and in person) are expected to familiarize themselves with the BOS Code of Conduct in advance, and agree to adhere to this. 

Please note that Friday will not have organised convention activities.

So please, come along and join us in beautiful Edinburgh. You’ll be guaranteed a warm welcome!  

Something Wrong?

Please provide details below of any issues you may have encountered. Thank you

Rabbit by Stephen O'Hanlon