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Measuring Fold Difficulty and Fold Classification

Fold Areas
This is a section of a paper I published in 1968, (revised in 1971). It introduces a number of ways of measuring the difficulty of folding a model but concentrates on the idea of counting the areas within the model bounded by edges.

Measuring Fold Difficulty and Area Ratios 
This is an updated version of an article published in 1976 in the BOS magazines Nos. 61 and 62 under the tiltle 'It's all relative'. The possible ways of measuring fold difficulty are looked at but the focus is on the idea of the changes in outline of the final model. The relationship of the model size to the original paper and how this can be used to measure the idea of fold efficiency.

To provide the 'best' measure the idea of timing specific folds is used.

Nodal Method of measuring difficulty
This is part of a booklet published (BOS no. 32) which explores in some detail the idea of using the nodes of folds as a way of measuring fold difficulty. The idea is further developed as a possible way of classifying models.

MAD Method of Difficulty Analysis
At the New York COET conference in 1995 I introduced a more developed way of measuring fold difficulty based on the timing of stages of the whole folding process. This reference is to a part of the whole paper which you can read under Forgiving Folds.

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