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The Humours of Origami by John Smith

I had got a copy of that epic book by Robert Harbin "Paper Magic" and this fired my enthusiasm for paper folding. When I was next in London (UK) I went to Foyles which claimed to be the largest book shop in the world (I expect we all know that the largest bookshop is really in the USA). It seemed that paper crafts were in the Art department. This was the province of very superior young men whom seemed to be there to display there great erudition to potential customers. Being a lowly sort of person i had to summon up my courage to ask a question of these mighty ones. "Where", I enquired , "are the books on paper-folding".

The superior looked down at me and said in a haughty voice , " do you mean Origami..sir"

So I learnt 3 things, it is Origami not paper folding , stupid! : don't go to Foyles for books until I have been on a course of assertiveness training, and the book I bought 'Secrets of Origami' was and still is one of the finest books on paper folding (sorry origami, please excuse me ) ever written.

On one of my early trips to the USA at my companies expense I flew in the Boeing 707 which as usual in those days was half empty ( or full dependent on your point of view). This meant that the cabin staff actually had time to look after the passengers even in the lowly cabin class. I was not very happy flying and so I took to folding to pass the time and keep my mind away from crashing and other such gloomy subjects. I had just finished the classic flapping bird and was checking its action when one of the cabin staff (a lady if you want to know) came up to me and said. "I will let the captain know about that in case we get into any trouble". I resisted the temptation to fold a large number of flapping birds just to be on the safe side.

At a USA convention in New York I was sitting resting when I saw one of the great Japanese masters walking my way. I had met him on a few occasions before but I was delighted when he came across greeted me and shook hands. I said to the man I was with "Ah, that has made my day being recognised my one of the great masters". "Well " he said " his memory isn't so good these days".

golden crane award